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Summer Maintenance for Airbrush Tans

Posted:  July 2010

With summer finally here, the sundresses and bathing suits are out and the water related activities are in full swing. This means swimming in chlorinated pools, oceans, lakes and hot tubs. Let’s not forget the ever important slathering on of suntan lotion. As a result, your clients will need to be more vigilant on the care of their sunless tans.

The biggest question we hear clients ask is “Can I swim with a sunless tan?” Our gut reaction is to scream “NO!” However, this is unrealistic. When summer hits people go on vacations, to the beach or to the swimming pools in their own backyards. Whenever a client exposes their skin to prolonged periods of moisture they risk prematurely removing their tans. This is because the water helps to lift off dead skin cells, which is what the sunless tan adheres to.

As a technician, you should take an extra moment with your clients to inform them about the special care they will need to take of their sunless tans. First explain to your client what happens when they prolong their skin to moisture. Then give them these tips to help keep their sunless tan.

  1. Moisturize before you get wet. This can be with a good waterproof sunscreen. It will help to create a barrier between the water and your client’s skin.
  2. When your clients get out of the water PAT DRY with the towel. Do not wipe the skin. Patting dry will avoid friction that can wipe off the tan.
  3. Do not use oil based suntan lotions. Petroleum or mineral based tanning lotions, oils and sunscreens will streak a sunless tan.
  4. Make sure to use a good moisturizing lotion when they go back indoors. We recommend Sol Potion Lotion because it has the perfect combination of moisturizers for a sunless tan.
  5. Apply a gradual self-tanner as needed to keep the tan fresh.
  6. AVOID the hot tubs at all costs, unless you want to completely remove the sunless tan.

If your clients do participate in water related activities, they will not get the longevity out of their tan. However, by taking a few precautionary steps they may be able to avoid completely stripping off their tan after the first dive.

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