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Zephyr 6000

Zephyr 6000
Zephyr 6000
Product Code: Z6000
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Zephyr 6000 

The Zephyr 6000 HVLP airbrush system is designed to give the perfect spray tan application every time.  It's sturdy design and sleek look makes it the one and only unit you will need to buy.  The unit is easy to operate and care for making it perfect for salon and spa use. 

Zephyr 6000 Advantages:
  • Designed to run at a *56dBA noise level.  This allows for regular conversation to occur without noise interference from the turbine motor.
  • The turbine’s advanced airflow technology it is set to flow precisely at the optimal speed allowing the technician to always have a consistent spray.
  • Attractive steel case with carry handle makes this unit perfect for both stationary and mobile businesses.
  • The high performance mist applicator has an ergonomically designed handle allowing for multiple daily airbrushes without fatigue.
  • The mist applicator is made of stainless steel parts that release atomized solution in a precision controlled fan pattern spray.
  • The mist applicator is has a double trigger pull giving the technician maximum control. The first pull releases air (good for quick-drying spot areas).  The second trigger pull releases the solution. 
  • Dual adjustable controls. The mist applicator allows the technician to control the amount of solution released by adjusting the PSI setting. Then adjust the span of the spray pattern from wide to spot for shading and contouring.
  • The high performance mist applicator ensures the tanning solution is applied in perfectly uniform coverage.
  • Lightweight air hose with brass quick-connect couplers makes for easy assembly to the unit and mist applicator.
  • The flexible air hose is 10 feet, allowing ample length for movement during the session. 
  • System is a UL/CSA listed cosmetic device.
  • Unit comes complete with air hose, 8oz solution cup, micro-foam filter, user manual, cleaning brush and wrench.

Comes with a two (2) year manufacturers warranty.   

Specification US Standard Metric
Voltage 120 V 120 V           
Amperage 10 A 10 A
Power 1.5 HP 1.1 kw
Weight 30 lbs 13.61 kg
Height 22 in 55.9 cm
Width 13 in 33 cm
Length 15  in 38.1 cm

*dBA (decibel A) is the measurement of sound pressure using an “A Weighting Filter”. The amount of dBA assigned to a sound will dictate the degree of loudness. Decibels range anywhere from 0 decibel (complete silence) to over 180 decibels (deafening).